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Is this Chintal Basti or Kukatpally?

Hyderabad: The image of rain water filled potholes on a road and people finding their way through it has gone viral on social media in Hyderabad, with many people sharing the image just by changing the area name.

But hold your breath! It’s neither from Chintal Basti nor Kukatpally. This attention grabbing picture was taken by a certain Mr Darshan Mehta (@darshanmehta1) in Mumbai on August 1. He mocked at the condition of the Mumbai roads in his tweet: “Nasa found people walking on the moon”.

There were just 71 retweets and 189 likes to his tweet, but the pictures appears to have gained traction after spoof facebook page “Unofficial PMO India” posted it with same comment.

Now, Hyderabadis seemed to have picked up the thread. They began reposting it with an added line. “…HMDA confirms it’s Chintal Basti”. And overtime, it was shared, the locality name kept changing.

While we do understand it as an attempt to highlight the bad conditions of roads in Hyderabad, we do hope that the authorities too would take note of the intention behind the message. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

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