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Silent Treatment in Co-parenting

My ex and I are co-parenting our 5 month old son. He left me when our son was one month old to be with someone else. He cheated on me during pregnancy coz he wasn’t happy with the relationship. Even though it was his idea to have a child.

Anyway moving forward, we live in the same apartment complex. He provides financially for the baby and sometimes myself but he comes to see the baby one or twice a week for 5 mins. Most times, he is out hanging out with whoever. I can count on my two hands, the number of nights he had the baby since his birth.

Today I mentioned to him via whats app conversation that he needs to take the baby more and the time he spends with the baby now is not enough. Also that even if he takes the baby for a night, he shouldn’t just leave the child with the grandmother and go hangout. I wasn’t rude but I got no reply. Which is nothing new. Silent treatment has always been his forte.

I need some help to deal with the silent treatment. I do not quarrel with him otherwise. We hardly talk unless he asks about something about the baby. I cant cut contact although I wish I could because of the baby.
I am not trying to mend things with him. I really do need help with the baby as I live alone and I have school work etc. I could use the alone time. I am also currently unemployed.

Any tips?

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