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My heart is breaking a little bit for my daughter

My little girl.. well she’s actually in her 20s with a post-grad qual and starting out in a great career… a few months ago broke up with her bf of more than five years.

She’s the maid of honour for the upcoming wedding of one of her best friends. And she had a little cry with me because she expected that she would have been having her wedding about that time.

Fast forward to last week… she sits me down and tells me she’s pregnant. About a month ago she had too much to drink at a work function and had sex with her ex. Bingo… pregnant.

Ironic given she always used the pill and condoms when they were together to be doubly sure. And she stopped taking the pill when they split for a break when she was sure she wouldn’t be having sex with anyone.

So we did pros and cons. I left it to her to decide, there for support. In the end she decided on an abortion. So next week she’s booked in for a medical abortion.

Her father, myself, her two best friends and her ex are all taking time off work to be there for her. Even if just for hugs and cups of tea. Or just to be there when she’s sleeping so she’s not alone.

She seems very determined and stoic. Almost too calm IMO. I’m waiting for the dam to break.

IMO it’s a ****ty situation. I know how conflicted I’d be. My heart breaks that she has to choose what is in the circumstances the least ****ty course of action. It’s still ****ty.

Have any of you had experiences with unplanned pregnancies?

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