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How do I my grieving child?

My ex boyfriend and I have a five year old daughter together. He recently took his own life and she is absolutely distraught.

He had had some really hard times lately, and I guess just couldn’t take it anymore. He was the world’s greatest daddy. He went and got her from school every day, they played, they snuggled, they had “date night” every Friday…

He was here the night before he died and we all watched a movie together. He kept whispering to her, and when I asked what they were talking about, she’d giggle and say “nothing mommy.” But I wonder if he was saying goodbye to her.

Ever since he’s been gone, she just gets so sad. We can be out, and she’ll start just sobbing, eating, out playing, she wakes up in the middle of the night… and she just screams and cries she wants her daddy!

We took his old shirts and she wears them like night gowns. I don’t know if that’s actually been a good idea, but that’s what she wants. He used to do that with her when she spent the night. That’s why she wanted to do it. They do still smell like him and I smell them every day.

I have yet to find a doctor that’ll see her because of her age… there really aren’t any grief programs in our area for young children, and I came here looking for advice. I want to help her get better. Has anyone ever went through this and what can I do?

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