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When your husband allows his daughter to do things you don’t agree with.

My H’s daughter (19) is coming up next week to go to a concert with him and her friend. We haven’t seen her in 10 months, but apparently she is a full-on pot smoker now (like that’s a surprise) and she was telling H how she bought a "dab pipe". I have no idea what that is, but she is bringing it with her and they can all smoke! AWESOME! Her friend is 21 so I’m sure they’ll be drinking as well. And H is totally cool with everything. He told me "not to judge her". Oh my judgement on her was made years ago and I think it’s pretty spot on! What parent would just be cool with his kid blatantly smoking pot in front of them and underage drinking? He isn’t a parent to her, he’s a buddy. Keeps telling me that she has no direction in her life and needs to go into the military, even though she has a job and is going to school. Yeah and you seem to condone the drinking and pot smoking which I’m sure are taking her places! Her mother doesn’t do anything but be a buddy either and I’m sure their household is smoking pot openly as well.

How do I deal with all that? I hate pot smoking. I hate smoking in general. Yes H does it, but now we have his daughter and a friend, guests in the home who seem to have no issue smoking in front of us. H won’t even be around that night when they get here so it will just be me and them all night. He doesn’t have an issue with her drinking either. So I guess I just let them do whatever they want while they are here, because I’m "not supposed to judge" and he doesn’t want me to get upset about anything and just be chill with them. God forbid someone in the house be a parent!

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