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[Tech Ad-Ons] Micromax Dual 5: Back in the Spotlight, Leaving the Background Behind?

[Tech Ad-Ons] Micromax Dual 5: Back in the Spotlight, Leaving the Background Behind?

Micromax, the company which was out of sight and pretty much out of mind (of many) for a while, recently woke up from its beauty sleep and launched a flagship level phone called the Micromax Dual 5. Ever since the phone has come out of drapes, it has been making headlines, not always for the right reasons. But notwithstanding the clouds of controversy hovering over the Dual 5 in some quarters, the company has launched a TVC for the Dual 5. And, well, it is nothing like anything we have seen from the company. Pun intended.

The ad: Trying a soft touch, for a change

“Leave the background- Micromax Dual 5 TVC”, is a very brief 20-second ad. The ad starts with two nuns handing over a girl child to a couple. The father takes a picture of the girl and the mother together and blurs out the background that says, “ Saint George’s Orphanage” by using the Blurry effect present on the phone (cue the “awwwws”). After which a close up of the phone appears on the screen followed by Micromax’s logo. There is a very soft and mellow song playing in the background which blends the whole story together.

That’s it.

There is no sign of the old taglines like “Nothing like anything” or “Nuts, guts and glory” – these very famous worthies have been replaced by the more modest “Camera and More.” Now, we do not know whether this new “soft” approach is just for the Dual 5 ad campaign or whether the company has changed its advertising approach completely, but this is a rather “different” ad from a company that was in the past known for being a bit, well, in your face.

What we think: Yay, it works


The jury is still out on the Dual 5 (our review is coming up shortly as well) but we think Micromax has made a comeback, in terms of good advertising at least. “Leave the background – Micromax Dual 5 TVC” actually is just the perfect name for the kind of story the company has tried to create. The story which begins with a couple adopting a child from an orphanage basically shows how the father uses the blurry effect present on the camera interface to blur out the orphanage sign from the background. This is where the product and its USP comes into the foreground. It just was amazing how the company with next to no copy created a visual impact. And in terms of the idea and how the idea was executed, we think it is by far one of the best ads by Micromax.

It is also commendable how Micromax scored a hit on the emotional angle, highlighted the product and created a very brief short story – all in just 20 seconds. Previously we have seen a very fierce and aggressive Micromax when it comes to the advertising but this time the company has a different tale to tell. The company has used emotional appeal and has chosen a very subtle tone to go with the whole idea. And this change definitely feels good.

We often talk about the 3 S’s and keep saying how short, simple and straightforward is the mantra for a perfect ad but while the ad ticks the first two S boxes, we think Micromax smashed the third with a baseball bat. Yes, the ad is very brief and while some companies struggle to get the message across even with minutes, we loved how the company did not even take half a minute to put its point on the table. The Dual 5 ad also scores well in the simplicity department. There is nothing complex about the ad. It just tells a story and has beautifully blended the phone and USP in the story which again puts emphasis on the fact that how these features just blend into our daily lives. But just when we thought it had all the right ingredients in place, we think the company just missed out on the straightforward aspect – the ad is nuanced by modern tech ad standards. Not that we are complaining. It did not talk just about the product or highlight just the product or vomit the same old spec sheet. It did not even get into an insane adjective overdrive. And we are so glad it did not.


And praise be, there was no celebrity involvement in the ad. While we know some companies love that approach and we have seen Micromax using it in the past, we just like how the company has this time opted for a simple ad. We think a celebrity would have distracted from its “simple” feel. But it is not all roses. We think the company should have gone with a more Indian “feel.” After all, the ad is meant for the Indian audience and we think it should have gone with the more Indian setting in order for more people to connect with the situation and the phone. Another thing that we think that can go against the ad is the story in the ad itself. Yes, we love the ad and we love how it is executed but after we were through, we ended up thinking and connecting more with the story that was created in the ad than the phone itself. Which is kind of a dangerous zone to be in.

Verdict: The story wins!


If we can just put it one line we would simply say: we loved the ad. It used emotional appeal well, was brief and simple enough and also highlighted the USP of the product (the cameras). But we think the story was just a little stronger than the will to highlight the product and it has overshadowed the product a little. That said, we think it is a good move towards creating a memorable ad. We do not know whether it will help Micromax overcome the controversy or help it sell the product, but we sure can say that the brand is finally back, it terms of advertising at least. And speaking for ourselves we hope this will help Micromax leave its “aggressive ad” background behind if you know what we mean! Nuts guts glory are all very fine, but there is nothing that beats a good story.

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