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Microsoft’s Latest App Throttle Feature for Windows 10 to Help Improve Battery Life

Microsoft’s Latest App Throttle Feature for Windows 10 to Help Improve Battery Life

Microsoft Windows 10 App Throttle

The fact that Windows-powered laptops usually lag behind its Mac OS counterparts in terms of battery life isn’t any mystery in the PC industry. Microsoft, however, seems to be taking baby strides towards changing its reputation by including a new power saving feature in the latest preview build of Windows 10.

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Windows 10, as you may already be aware, is a power hungry beast, and that’s simply due to the number of apps it runs in the background. The Redmond giant has acknowledged this issue and has now started testing a power throttling feature. The throttling feature is currently available only for the preview users and is expected to roll out to stable builds in future.

With this new feature, Windows 10 would now automatically throttle a background app if it considers it to be not running an important task. While this is a welcome addition to Windows, but it comes with a set of cons. Allowing Windows to decide whether a background app is important to you or not isn’t a wise idea indeed. In fact, the app throttling feature already hampers your music playback. Thankfully, Microsoft is allowing you to opt out of throttling for certain apps. That said, with time this feature would definitely improve and would start understanding your needs. Till then, don’t expect this feature to roll out to stable builds.

To make use of the new Windows 10 app throttling feature, you need to run the OS on a portable PC with at least 6th generation Intel Core processor on the inside. Microsoft has clarified that it will be rolling out this feature to a wider range of hardware soon.

For the uninitiated, the app throttling feature has been there in the Macs for quite a while now. It is known as App Nap. That said, Microsoft’s latest feature works in a different fashion when compared to it. Unlike App Nap, which prompts background to pause or slow down, the new throttling feature on Windows 10 works by decreasing the hardware resources available to the app. It would be interesting to see how big an impact can this new Windows 10 feature have on the battery life of laptops and convertibles.

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