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CII Session on e-waste marks Earth Day

CII Session on e-waste marks Earth Day

‘India ranked fifth largest producer of e-waste in the world’

Mysuru: India is the fifth largest producer of e-waste in the world, said R. Ravindra, General Manager of E-Parisaraa, Bengaluru.

He was speaking during the Awareness Session on ‘E-Waste Management and Collection Drive’ organised by CII, Mysuru at SJCE-STEP here on Saturday on the occasion of World Earth Day.

He said, “Most of us don’t know how to handle e-waste. Huge space is occupied by these unused products. E-waste consists of electrical and electronic equipment waste; e-waste is not a waste, in fact it is a wealth. Even the waste battery do have a wealth in it like the presence of lithium in it. In foreign and developed countries, the method of e-waste is placed on the road side while in India we keep it in cupboards and in the process going into unorganised sector creating damage  to environment.”

“In India, annually we produce 2.7 million tonnes of e-waste; we stand fifth in terms of producer of e-waste in the world. In disposing e-waste in unscientific manner, where it is undertaken by people in small places without any safety protections, people suffer from various health complications. Apart from this, children start suffering from young age,” he said.

“The other major concern in disposing waste in unorganised sector is the remains of what is not wanted is just let out in drain, soil and air polluting air, water and soil. Since October 2016, the State Pollution Board is going all out in its effort on this issue. In days to come these issues will gradually come down,” added Ravindra.

Sabike Noobia, Assistant Environmental Officer, Karnataka State Pollution Control Board, Mysuru, who also spoke, briefed about the rules and regulations that KSPCB has enforced on all the industries.

“Most of the industries are under control but it’s not the same with education industry or other Government industry wherein they are not able to find the right place to recycle e-waste. India annually generates 4 lakh tonnes of e-waste, which is next only to China in the world. In India, Karnataka ranks sixth in generating e-waste,” she said and added India and China have become global recycling hub for the e-waste generated world over.

“E-waste is also hazardous as it contains many toxic and hazardous ingredients such as heavy metals like lead, cadmium and mercury polychlorinated biphenyl, brominated flames retardants that have the potential to cause environmental pollution and pose health hazards when processed, recycled or disposed off. The toxic substances present in the waste render it hazardous only when such wastes are dismantled and processed without taking adequate precautions,” she said and also mentioned that most of e-waste in Mysuru city is treated in an informal way.

V. K. Shanmugam, Vice- Chairman, CII Mysuru and Mahesh Jambardi, COO, Excelsoft Technologies, too spoke on the topic. Rakesh Babu, Director, Innomantra Consulting, was present.

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