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Apple’s new JavaScript API Adds Web Support for Live Photos

Apple’s new JavaScript API Adds Web Support for Live Photos

Apple has finally decided to solve one of the problems associated with the Live Photos, the web compatibility. Apple has now released an official Live Photos JavaScript API for developers. This would let the developers use the API and share Live Photos playback on iOS, macOS and the web.


This new JavaScript-based API makes it easy to embed Live Photos on your websites. In addition to enabling Live Photos on iOS and macOS, you can now let users display their Live Photos on the web.

Called the LivePhotosKit, the new module is available on NPM and code samples are shared in the new API reference. Furthermore, Apple has also included the demo on how to setup the Live Photo module and get it working.

This move comes nearly a year after Tumblr introduced Live Photos on the web and had shared their codes for implementation as well. Perhaps this is something that made Apple go ahead with their own Live Photos kit. Apple users were stuck with the Live photos as it couldn’t be shared outside the Apple ecosystem and then last year around Google Photos baked in a new feature called Motion Stills that allowed iPhone users to convert their Live Photos into GIF’s and also stabilise the same. We have also witnessed a fair share of third party apps that promised to do so. Soon this was followed by WhatsApp which also converted the Live Photos into GIF before sending.

Apple had introduced the Live Photos a couple of years ago along with the iPhone 6s and the 6s Plus. Live Photos meant that the camera would capture an extra 1.5 seconds of footage at the beginning and the end of the shutter roll. The animations could then be replayed by touching on the photos in the Camera Roll.

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