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Rules to follow when you book a shared cab

Ever since pool rides were introduced even in cabs, commuting has become more convenient and reasonable. But, pool rides can be one of those rides you would never forget because of how annoying the driver or the co-passenger was. It could be the other way round too — you could be the reason why others had to have a not-so-happy ride. Here’s what you need to be mindful about when you take a pool ride.

Make space for others
Remember it is a pool ride, you will be sharing the cab with three to four more people so do not take up more space than is needed. If you have baggage, secure it in the trunk. Similarly, for people occupying the front seat, if you want to adjust the seat, make sure that the person at the back does not have a problem.

Do not disturb
Feel free to talk with your friend, but make sure you lower your voices. If you plan on striking a conversation with any of the co-passengers, do not creep them out by asking for their personal details, other than their name — to begin with. Also, read the signs before you approach — for instance, if a person is wearing his/her headphone, that means they want to be left alone to enjoy their music, and no conversation.

Don’t make others wait
If it’s a pool ride, you do not have the luxury to even let the cab wait for you for more than a minute. Just like how we were taught to respect time, it applies here too.

No smoking, no eating
If possible, avoid eating inside a car pool and it’s a big no-no as far as smoking is concerned. Take the ‘no smoking’ advice seriously; you might end up in trouble.

Be flexible
There will be moments when the other passengers might want to shift seats or have other requests. Just be nice and accommodate what they want unless it puts you in an uncomfortable situation.

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