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Erstwhile glory of the Kollapur palace

Erstwhile glory of the Kollapur palace

Kollapur had been on my list of places to visit for quite some time, so when the opportunity arose, we decided to add it to our Mahabubnagar itinerary. Till that time, I only knew about the famous palace located here but during our research, we also came to know about a beautiful temple called Madhava Swamy in the area.

The road to Kollapur was great, and we did not face any problems reaching there. Finding the palace was bit of an issue and locals didn’t seem to know about it. It was surprising since it’s a famous palace. It was later that we realised that it was known by a different name colloquially. Language can pose a barrier sometimes during our travels, but it happens rarely.

Kollapur was ruled by the Hindu rulers under the Nizams and a significant part of the Nallamalla region along the Krishna river was ruled by them. The Palace of Kollapur was built in the year 1871.

Beautifully carved pillars in the temple.

Our first stop was the Madhava Swamy temple nearby so we decided to visit it before the palace. It is a small but beautiful temple built in the 16th century by the king of Manchalakatta. The architecture displays different avatars of Lord Vishnu.

Strangely, there were numbers on each block of stone making up the structure. Upon enquiry, we were told that the entire temple was relocated from another place by the Archeological Survey of India during the flooding by the Srisailam reservoir. It was a remarkable job as the temple looks as if it has been on the spot untouched for a thousand years. We then went to the Kollapur palace which looked magnificent from outside. Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to go inside since it’s a private property now.

From what we could see, the palace has large wooden doors with very spacious courtyards. It was used as an administrative building at one point of time. The horse carts used by the erstwhile rulers are still preserved and displayed there. Sadly, the building is in a very sorry state as the owners don’t live here so there is no maintenance. We took some pictures from the outside and left the place in search of more adventures.

Magnificent palace of Kollapur,

How to reach

Kollapur is 123 kms from Mahbubnagar and 179 kms from Hyderabad. It’s best to drive there. We went on bikes.

Nearby places

Somasila is 103 kms and has a group of 15 Shiva temples. Jatprole is another place with some beautiful temples.


There are very limited options to stay in Kollapur. So it’s best to go there during a day trip.


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