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Shower some attention on your furry friends for their development

Now that the weather is so unpredictable, indoor games are the best way to bond with your pets without being disturbed. During your leisure time,se your body by playing a few games with your cats and dogs. Trust us, they’ll love it.

The sniffing game
Dogs are known for their good sense of smell. In order to train them well, playing the sniffing game will help. It’s going to be fun and a good training session for your furry friend. Start by making them sniff the treat and then allow them to pull it out from a container to eat. This will take some time, but hang on. Once they get used to the smell and feed themselves, place two containers — one with the treat and the other empty. Direct them to sniff and find the container with the treat. As they progress, you can direct them to hunt for the treat as well.

Master more tricks
Good for your dog’s mental and physical wellness, teach him/her more tricks. Start with something simpler like how to give a high five, handshake, climbing up the ladder and balancing acts. What more you can do is to train him/her to go over, under or through any object.
Find the treasure
Cats are known to be curious souls, so treasure hunt should be their favourite game. Play along with them and slowly train them to search for the treats that you have hidden most probably crumbled in a paper or under a brown paper bag.

Shuffling the treat
The guessing game will definitely interest your cat and, in return, they’ll love you more. You can cover a treat or a bell in any of the three cups, and then shuffle them. Be quick and maintain eye contact to build more curiosity. Allow them to find the cup with the hidden bell or treat. 

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