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Exotic cat breeds from across the globe that look absolutely adorable

Have you always been a cat lover who couldn’t stop yourself from falling for those wild-yet-cute looks of cats? Besides the Indian and the Persian breeds, which you probably already own, do you also wish to own almost all the good-looking and exotic cats? So, here is what you need to know about those exotic breeds across the world that steal our hearts with cute and innocent looks, and have really great qualities.

Turkish Angora
You would fall for this creature just for its multi-coloured eyes and plush fur.ook amazing while they stare at you with an innocent look and you cannot stop yourself from kissing them for such cuteness.

The origin of this cat is in Thailand. They look wild when they stare at you and extremely calm when taking a nap. It is said that this particular cat is given as a gift during weddings because people believe that they are a symbol of prosperity, dating back to the 1300s.

Japanese Bobtail This one has an unusual bobbed tail quite similar to the tail of a rabbit. The cat is found in almost all the colours. It has large ears, and the eyes are large and oval. This cat is medium in size and males are larger than females.

Colourpoint Shorthairs
This feline breed is from the United Kingdom. If you really plan to buy this sweet little one, then be ready for its extremely high maintenance in terms of care and expenses. If you are looking for a cat that doesn’t demand so much money for its lifestyle, then, this large-eyed cat might not fit in your list.

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