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GRE route to an Indian, global MBA

GRE is an exam that is conducted by ETS. When I ask students what is the difference between GRE and GMAT, the immediate answer I get is – the former is for MS, while the latter is for MBA.

FACT – GRE is also accepted by many leading Business Schools in US and even India. In fact recently ISB Hyderabad has also started accepting GRE for its admissions.

So, if you wish to go abroad, but are not too keen on doing MS – MBA is also an option you can consider. In this article and the next few, I would be looking closely on MBA as a career option, and the challenges and opportunities of a global MBA programme.

Let’s look at the greatest advantage of a global MBA program vis-à-vis the programme
offered by leading MBA schools in India.

India today offers some of the best MBA programmes. Apart from the curriculum which is world class, and the faculty, which again is stellar, the placement record of the leading Indian MBA schools is quite enviable.

However, if there is +one big difference between global MBA program and the Indian equivalent, it is the ability to give a global experience.

MBA schools in US have been able to attract students from across the world, making their class rooms more diverse than their Indian counterparts. This becomes a big differentiating factor because unlike in engineering colleges and degree colleges, in MBA schools, the teaching methodology involves higher degree of participation by the students. Having much more diverse student base – different nationalities, cultures and experience – results in richer discussions, and thus peer-learning.

In today’s global village, the ability to develop a global outlook and evolving as a global manager increases the chances of a MBA student to take advantages of opportunities across the globe – including in the current favourite – China (and India), and the newly opened economies like Vietnam.

Indian MBA schools have also recognised that, and are promoting their brand globally.

Today in leading schools, especially the top IIMs, we see quite a few students from abroad coming and doing their MBA. Also, the campus exchange program, which now has been in place for many years, help students in getting the global perspective and evolve as global managers.

However, Indian schools still have a lot of work to do in this matter. Having said that, these leading MBA schools have managed to attract quite a few international companies, recruiting students both for their domestic (Indian) operations and international operations. Also, today many of these companies have started offering remuneration package which is very similar to those being offered by them to students from international schools – though these offers are still small in number and only benefit the high performers in the Indian schools.

From this perspective of global opportunities, one of the leading Indian schools, is the Hyderabad based Indian School of Business (or more famously known as ISB Hyderabad), which has been – thanks to the curriculum design, pedagogy followed, and, their faculty and the student base – able to make giant strides in evolving as a global school.

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