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Keep bad breath at bay with these simple steps

The way to win the world over today is through cool competence and soft skills! A bad breath can mar a winning streak by making one a social outcast apart from raising many health issues.

• Bad breath in the morning is not unusual and can be moderated to a certain extent by brushing the teeth at night, so that any fine food particles do not remain in the crevices of the teeth and oral cavity which otherwise could be fodder to many a bacteria. Since there is not much of saliva produced in the oral cavity at night, the problem could be worse.

• One of the main reasons for bad breath to develop is gum disease. The fine space between the gums holding the teeth could become a territory for plaque to develop furthering the wedge and bacteria find a space to multiply fast leading the tenderness of the gums, bleeding from the gums and bad breath.

• Having said that, the bacteria do make a wedge into the tooth causing caries or destruction of the fabric. This again is enough for a persistent bad breath to be in place. The caries could well be filled by a dentist but the trouble could still remain.

• Poor oral hygiene could be the primary cause.

• Dentures are not regular teeth and need to be properly brushed and cleaned too. It would be better to put them overnight in a glass of water; otherwise, the dryness could be room for bacteria to show up. The dentures need to be well-fitting; or else, the gaps could be a space for the bad smelling bacteria to grow.

• Tendency for a cold can cause the empty spaces around the nasal cavity, the sinuses, to be filled up with discharge that, in turn, gets infected by the bacteria to form thick mucus from which emanates stinging bad breath. Nasal blocking can unconsciously cause opening of mouth while breathing and dryness of the mouth.

• Tonsils which stand as the gateway to prevent bacteria could sometimes unwittingly end up as the areas of infections and form ‘stones’ in the gland which are likely to emanate bad breath.

• It has been found that H.pylori can cause ulcers in the stomach lining which amongst many other symptoms cause the bad breath. Also reflux of the foods eaten, oesophagitis and gastritis are the conditions that can also cause the same predicament.

• Saliva produced in the oral cavity keeps the space healthy and homogenous by keeping the helpful bacteria intact while showing a door to the offensive bacteria. There are some diseases too where the saliva production is decreased — like Sjogren’s syndrome and some auto-immune conditions where the salivary glands work less than usual. Sometimes, head and neck trauma could lessen saliva too. 

• Some medicines have also been known to reduce the saliva production and patients with chronic ailments would do well to discuss with their physicians to scout for answers.

• Very low carbohydrate diet can actually produce a chemical and thereby keto-breath.

• Foods like garlic contain sulphur and when broken down could produce a chemical called as hydrogen sulphide.

• Raisins and other dried fruit contain sugar and the characteristic of these is that they are sticky and the particles could remain stuck in the spaces of the mouth leading to bacterial overgrowth.

• Friends will find one more reason to stay away from you if you are a smoker. There is dryness of the mouth especially the back of the tongue where accumulation could be the reason for the bacteria to overgrow. Alcohol and caffeine can also dry the mouth.

Homoeopathic Medicine can treat the cause and thereby the problem can be reduced. Oral hygiene by brushing, flossing and mouthwash is a must to start with. The nasal issues and sinusits can be treated with Kali bich and Amm carb; gastric problem with Carbo veg and Natrum phos while the salivary secretions can be improved with Bryonia and Alumina.

Dental issues can be helped with Merc sol, Thuja, Kreosote etc. Calendula has been found to be a good mouthwash to keep the oral health in a great shape. For a spring in the step and a confident smile, homeopathy is the best bet.

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