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Guilt free treats for a sweet diwali

In this air of festive vibes, everyone gets involved in bingeing and later all this bingeing turns into weight, calories, and sugar worries, but enjoy the festival with no regrets this season. Sonia Narang, nutritionist and wellness expert, Oriflame India, and Mehar Rajput, nutritionist, FITPASS, share mindful steps to have guilt-free Diwali.


No matter what you are eating, eat small bites, relish the taste, it will last longer and control your urge to take another piece. Try eating homemade laddus made from jaggery and dry fruits as they control your calorie intake. Also, note that high sugar intake can put extra burden on your liver.

Portion control is the key

Small portions fit in small plates. It is important to keep a check on the quantity of food you consume and your daily calorie intake. Along with this, try to avoid a second helping.

Increase your water intake

Stay hydrated with low caloric smoothies, juices, coconut water. Keep water infused with lime, mint, berries, cucumber and any other citrus fruit of your choice and sip throughout the day.

Restrict the amount of sugar and salt intake

High salt intake may cause swelling, puffiness and water retention in body and in lower extremities.

Choose your booze

Enjoy your pre-Diwali parties, but don’t forget to choose your booze. Go for spritzers or wine above colorific cocktails or hefty beers. Observe the single-handful rule with nuts and crisps and salads.



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