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Pay attention to colours, accessories to look taller

If you are not that tall and looking for clothes that can make you look taller, then you need to be very careful of the colours you wear and even the accessories. Here are a few rules you can follow to style yourself and look taller than usual.

Go for monochromes

The best way to look taller is to remove contrasting colours from your wardrobe and it will help to streamline the way you look. When you wear different shades of the same colour, try to wear darker shades towards the bottom half of your body and pick lighter shirt. Dark trouser with a light-coloured shirt creates a taller look, whereas a dark shirt with a light-coloured pant creates a shorter look.

Patterns that matter

Always go for vertically-oriented patterns; it is an effortless way to look taller. Go for stripes that are not so thick and also pick shirts in lighter colours. You can wear it for your office or any other occasion where you feel a little semi-formal look would be great to carry.

Wear close fits

Loose-fitting clothes emphasise the petite frame, so always choose the clothes that perfectly fit you. The important thing to always keep in mind is to avoid a lot of slack cloth in the crotch.

Choose accessories carefully

Make sure that the socks you wear do not look very different from the colour of your trouser. While choosing socks, do not pick patterns and bright colours. If you like to wear a belt, then make sure you buy a slimmer one. You cannot forget about footwear, as you cannot achieve a complete look when you don’t concentrate on the shoes you wear. So, always pick the shoes that do not contrast too heavily with your trouser.

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