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AskIndicine: Live Now

Live QnA will be held at 7PM today: We won’t be opening the comments section for questions this week, because some of last week’s questions are pending. We have also received a few questions from Twitter and via Email, those questions will be answered today. Do join us at 7PM.

Q. When is the teaser of Tubelight releasing?

A. On Wednesday (26 April). It will also be attached to the prints of ‘Baahubali 2: The Conclusion’.

Q. First Secret Superstar and Now Bhoomi postpone from 4 August.. Now what is the scenario SRK’s Next and TEPK? Can any one film be preponed week before on 4 Aug to get one week free run? If clash happened what will be the opening and lifetime collection of both movie? If TEPK release on 4aug n SRK’s Next release on 11 Aug, What’ll b opening and Lifetime collection? Love IndiCine

A. It’s impossible to predict lifetime collections of any film without knowing how the audience will react to it. More so when two films are scheduled to clash at the box office. The better film (i.e the one that carries better word-of-mouth) will get the advantage. As for one film moving to get a solo release, it simply does not make business sense. Both films want the extended 5-day weekend for Independence Day. If the makers of ‘Toilet Ek Prem Katha’ wanted a solo release, they could’ve stuck to the older date (June 2) or the 1st / 2nd week of July which was vacant back then. Opening-wise, the SRK film will take the bigger star – due to costs and other factors, the opening of the untitled SRK film has to be as good as Raees and the trend after the weekend has to be better.

Q. You always said that any clash featuring two superstars should be averted. In the case of Raees and Kaabil you had said same even after release of the films. So why you are saying that it is a good decision to release toilet with srk anushka movie, just because there is 1extra holiday or because it is Akshay’s movie?

A. Clashes between two big films featuring established stars is never ideal, because at the end of the day if the audience doesn’t watch both films, the industry is losing out on business. But when someone like a Salman Khan takes both Eid and Christmas, there’s very little left for the other stars. Diwali already had a big film (Robot 2.0) which was replaced by another biggie (Golmaal Again). For the rest of the stars, we have Republic Day, Independence Day and Gandhi Jayanti. In the article ‘Our Take on the Box Office Clash‘ we had clearly mentioned all the reasons. The decision to avert such clashes has to be mutual, more so when another big film has already taken a particular date. But when SRK decides to release Raees against Kaabil or Diwale against Bajirao Mastani, he isn’t in a position to protest or complain when the makers of ‘Toilet:EPK’ decide to take his film on. Theirs (Toilet:EPK) was a well-planned business move. They’ll get GST benefits and they’ll also be in a position to cash-in on the Swacch Bharat angle during Independence Day. There’s no clarity on ‘Tax Exemption’ after GST, but if there is a provision, then ‘Toilet:EPK’ could benefit from that too.

Q. After giving six back to back flops should we consider that after Noor Sonakshi’s career is finished?

A. The typical ‘South Masala’ films aren’t working anymore. It was a genre that suited Sonakshi perfectly. Now the move to do female-centric films is to sustain and prolong her career, but the audience will only be interested if the film is brilliant and is worth the price of the ticket. Whether we like it or not, the Indian audience (for now atleast) will never come out in big numbers to watch solo films featuring female stars. A Kangana Ranaut worked in Tanu Weds Manu and Queen, because the films were good. The audience did not come to watch her, but to watch a good film. Her performance can only add value to a good film – it should not be confused with star power.  Even a Deepika Padukone or Anushka Sharma, who happen to be the top stars in the industry, cannot be compared to a young star like Varun Dhawan in terms of star power.

Q. If Kaabil released solo on republic day, what would be its lifetime collection?

A. Probably around 40-50%. It was severely affected by lesser number of shows and screens in the first week. Even Raees lost around 15%.

Q. Dutt or Padmavati? Your pick?

A. Dutt.

Q. Will Sunny Deol’s Bhaiyaji Superhit get 500 screens on Eid.?

A. It’s not about getting screens, but about the audience coming to watch the film in theatres. Punjab aside, the much-delayed Bhaiyyaji Superhit will be a washout. It looks like the makers want to cash-in on the clash publicity, but it won’t make any difference whatsoever to Tubelight.

Q. Why are indian critics so biased? They gave poor ratings to shivaay but good ratings to fast and furious7? Both belonging to same genre? Why are we so obsessed with Hollywood films? I mean they should have understood that the budget of both movies are different? Even then they compare films? Why dont they support someone trying something new?

A. Some of our critics have always been obsessed with Hollywood. But the other question that we have to be asking is.. why do so many of our producers give so much importance to some of pseudo-intellectual critics. Ajay organised a special media screening a couple of days before the release of Shivaay. It’s surprising that a industry veteran like him, does not understand that the critics are certain to thrash a movie like Shivaay. It ended up hurting the film to a certain extent, especially at multiplexes. Negative reviews were out a day before release. On the other hand, Fox did not organise a screening for ADHM.

Q. What is the status of No Entry Mein Entry, Welcome 3, Hera Pheri 3 and Aankhen 2? Please reply

A. All on hold currently.

Q. After Salman who has 2nd biggest stardom, fan following and hysteria today and guarantee those numbers in right film plus good date?

A. In India, after Salman it’s SRK. It’s just that some of his recent films neither have Pan-India appeal.. nor have they been good enough entertainers. He has to win back the trust of the section of audience that aren’t his fans. The neutral moviegoer isn’t coming to watch his films, not because they do not like him.. but because he isn’t giving them anything new. There’s also this belief on the ground that his films are all hype without any substance. The same old raising the arm etc might excite his fans, but does not excite the general audience anymore. What they want is a good entertaining film, which has a story to tell. Human emotions, films that are shot in India and those that have a relatable storyline.. a social issue, nationalism or patriotism.. is what’s working. The guys who are doing well at the moment – Aamir, Salman, Akshay – have all been experimenting and they know the pulse of the audience too. SRK has tremendous potential, if only his choices were better.

Q. No questions today indicine. Just wanna thank you for the good work and suggest if you can conduct q and a session twice a week. Or if you can answer the questions briefly so instead of answering 40 questions you can answer 60+… will keep the visitors happy…. please consider this

A. Thank you. Twice a week will get boring. There has to be news development, release date changes or some big film releases too – else people won’t have questions to ask. Thanks again for your interest.

Q. Can hindi version of Bahubali 2 open bigger than Tubelight? Coz Tubelight is a less commercial film(it’s not a Sultan or Tiger Zinda Hai) and releases during Ramzan period just like Bajrangi Bhaijaan, whereas in case of Bahubali even 30 cr looks possible!

A. Definitely a possibility. All-India, Bahubali 2 will take a bigger opening. But Hindi version will be touch and go because Tubelight is releasing two / three days before Eid. Everyone wants to watch Bahubali 2, the film will surprise as far as the opening of the Hindi version is concerned.

Q. Hi indicine. Why don’t you rate the word of mouth of a movie out of 10? Based on audience response? It will give a better idea whether to watch or skip

A. Thank you for the suggestion, we’ll see what we can do. It’s difficult to gauge the word-of-mouth as soon as a film is released. India is such a vast and varied country that a good word-of-mouth film in metro cities is rubbish for audience at mass centres.

Q. When is Munna Bhai 3 likely to release? Can it release in the second half of 2018 or we have to wait till 2019?

A. 2019.

Q. If the word-of-mouth of Bahubali 2 is as good as the 1st part can it cross 250 cr in Hindi alone , and will that force the producers to avoid clash and release films solo on normal weekends?

A. Bahubali 2 can do anything. It could open above the 30 crore mark and if the film turns out to be outstanding or as good as the first, then even 300 crore is a possibility for the Hindi version. If a film like The Jungle Book can earn nearly 200, this is much bigger and there’s no major release for 3 weeks until Half Girlfriend.

Q. What’s your response Half Girlfriend so far? Will it be successful in garnering enough buzz to become a big film(in terms of initial) because the trailer looks pretty average with nothing new to offer.

A. It has the elements of a Pan-India film. If the content is good, it’ll do well in the long run. After Badrinath Ki Dulhania there hasn’t been a good Hindi film. And there’s nothing in between either – except Bahubali 2 which isn’t a Hindi film. The film has quite a few factors in its favour – it’s the only big film that’s releasing just before Ramzan so the muslim section of the audience will come to theatres. Plus, it’s the post-IPL period. The trailer and songs have got a good response too.

Q. I am a huge fan of your site. Please i hope you answer me this time. Why srk’s 1999 film baadshah didn’t do too well? It was one of the best comedy thrillers of 1990s and srk was at the peak of his stardom back then. in fact I enjoyed it more than his huge hits like darr and baazigar. Please solve this mystery. Thank you.

A. There are no answers to such questions. A lot depends on the timing of release, what’s working at that time. Even a film like Andaz Apna Apna did not work at all. Comedies were working mid-2000s, then there was a dull period. Sequels were working not too long ago, now they are getting rejected. The taste of audience keeps changing. Baadshah still manages decent TRPs on television.

Q. Among youngsters which actor(male and female) is having biggest fanbase?

A. Male: Salman Khan. Female: Anushka Sharma / Deepika Padukone.

Q. Aamir in PK, Shahrukh in Fan, Salman in Bajrangi Bhaijan. Who acted best according to you?

A. We’ll do a quick poll and let the readers decide

Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post’s poll.

Q. What is response to Sachin:a billion dreams trailer?

A. Good. It’ll get a decent / good opening because of Sachin.

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