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Deepak Ramola ‘fuel’led by Gulzar

They say “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Deepak Ramola, in the first encounter, might come across as a handsome, jaunty youngster — which he is. But he is also way more than that. The 25-year-old life skills educator from Dehradun is the founder of Project FUEL, apart from being a writer, actor and lyricist. Some of his notable works include the songs he penned for Wazir and Manjhi – The Mountain Man. In a candid chat, during his visit to Hyderabad as part of the FLO talk, Deepak shares more about his journey.

The journey

What Project FUEL does is, collect life lessons of people from around the world. I design them into curriculum. The inspiration for that came from my mother. She was pulled out of school when she was in class V, because girls were not allowed to study then. But, she knew so much that I never believed she never went to school. And her answer to everything she knew was, “I learned from life.” So, at the age of 17, I decided that if my mother had learned so much from life, I am gonna go on a journey to find what other people had learned from their life. And it turned out they’ve learned quite a lot. I could not only learn it myself, but also share it with others. Eight years later, it has become an organisation.

At his expressive best

I’ve always been into art, expressions. Poetry is something I’ve been doing ever since I was in school. Movies happened because for them, my writing was good enough. I was a lot into theatre and poetry. That is how I got an opportunity to write lyrics and it has been a fantastic journey.

Idols, inspiration

My biggest inspiration for both poetry and film-writing is Gulzar saab. He is the epitome of what imagination can look like when put into words. I hope to do a 0.2 per cent of work like his in my life. I’m also a huge fan of Amrita Pritam — her writing is something I really connect with. Then, there is Maya Angelou too.

Striking struggles

There are two things — I look like a school kid and I teach in classrooms packed with people triple my age. So, the first is the perception that people have. When you walk into a room, there isn’t much expectation and, sometimes, there’s lack of respect as well. But that doesn’t really bother me anymore because now I feel at home when people say, “Oh! You don’ look like a professor!” The second: I was heavily bullied in school for my voice. Today, of course, it sounds heavier. I think becoming a public speaker, in a way, proves that I overcame it.

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