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‘Design 14’, a 14-beat taal Kathak performance by Anjali Patil awes audience

The phoenix Arena reverberated with the 14-beat taal on Thursday. Renowned artiste Anjali Patil and her team took the stage by storm with their breathtaking performance, Design 14.

On a cold winter evening, this performance gave the audience a chance to witness one of the finest acts of Kathak. From the beginning till the end, the artistes cast a magic spell on the audience with their expressions and graceful moments.

The first act was dedicated to Lord Nataraja or Shiva who is an inspiration for all the dancers. With this performance, the artistes wanted to pay their respects to the Creator and the Destroyer. Throughout the performance, the artistes used several postures and hand movements to describe the anger and the calmness of Lord Shiva, contrasting it well. This piece carried a totally different vibe altogether. The music, movements, choreography — everything had a different approach to it.

The second piece Tarana required a lot of physical energy and inner strength to perform it. Through this composition, the artiste wanted to bring to the forefront the human dynamics and conflicts. The complex patterns and technicalities form the core. The conflicts and strength are depicted in the most beautiful way using simple movements in the choreography.

After taking the audience on the ride of conflict, the aristes in the third piece picked Amir Khusro’s Mohe Apne Hi Rang Mein Rang De Nizam. This beautiful composition is mostly about supplication. It deals with complete surrender to the Almighty and takes self-realisation to a different level.

Speaking fondly about this, Anjali says that it is a very famous poem which gives the artistes a lot of scope for exploration. “It did take us some effort to fit in the lyrics with the 14-beat taal,” she adds. Anjali shares that the 14-beat taal has many beautiful elements that bring out the stamina and energy of the artistes.

The last segment for the evening was Dhamar, where the dancer becomes the dance. The last ten minutes of this act made the audience skip a heartbeat. Gracefully moving their feet to the beats, the artistes left an indelible mark for themselves in the hearts of Hyderabadis.

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