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Lakshmi Nambiar is all about art

Lakshmi Nambiar is all about art

Lakshmi Nambiar is not just the face of Shrishti Art Gallery but also brings in her experience as an investment banker into making art big in the city

Lakshmi Nambiar, the face of Shrishti Art Gallery, is a known name in the art and elite circles in the city. A woman who juggles many hats and pulls them all off with ease, she is dedicated to whatever she does and that is what keeps her going.

Having been exposed to art through her mother Remani Nambiar, she always had an inclination towards it and even started collecting art.

It has been three years since she took up the responsibility of the gallery and she dreams to make it bigger, and bigger. Excerpts from an exclusive interview:

Childhood days

Almost 20 years ago, after her first year of graduation, her family shifted to Hyderabad. “I studied here and went to Pune to pursue my masters and, after that, I started a small company,” says Lakshmi who later decided to go to the US to pursue her MBA. Around that time, her mother started the gallery.

About Shrishti

In 2002, there was not much happening with the art scene in Hyderabad. “And it was then that my mom decided to start this gallery to provide a platform to the upcoming artists to showcase their work,” says Lakshmi. But, unfortunately, Remani passed away and Shrishti lost its face. “At that point, all we wanted was to keep it going and once I took over, we started organising large-scale exhibitions,” she adds.

A banker’s journey

After finishing MBA, Lakshmi got into investment banking in Boston and used to help companies merge, acquire and raise capital. “In the year 2005, I moved back to India and continued to work in Bangalore and, later, moved to Hyderabad to help mom with the gallery after she was diagnosed with cancer,” adds the art lover.

New beginnings

Last year, along with running the art gallery, she got into ‘Anti Ventures’ that will help them scale the startups. “We also provide them with strategies like funding, sales and marketing. We work out of T-Hub for two days of a week and, when I am there, I give all my time to it,” says Lakshmi.


It was very different for Lakshmi because as an investment banker, one has long working hours and good pay. But, the world of art is different, where artists are in their own zone. The pace itself was very different; it was more calmer here, she says.

Adjusting with people was a little difficult and when running the gallery, she felt it was not that well-structured. “In this field, you can grow as a person as you are with creative people; it gives you peace, grounding and expands your mind,” she adds.

Art exhibitions

“The first exhibition that I curated was titled, ‘Message to heaven’ where I asked some artists to create something for my mother. I gave them something that is associated with her and they have come up some beautiful things,” she says. Apart from this, she also organised exhibitions titled ‘Remaniyam’, ‘Inbox’ and many others. “We decided to organise these huge exhibitions once in every two years; but, this time, we are planning it for the next year,” she adds.

Art scene

The maturity and aesthetic levels are still not that high in the city, feels Lakshmi. “In Hyderabad, I think people spend a lot of money on other things, but not on art,” she says. Lakshmi also mentions that the sensibilities are still traditional, where if it is Gods or figuratives, the work appeals more here than contemporary art. “The contemporary art is going places elsewhere, but here, it is still traditional,” shares Lakshmi and says that a lot of youngsters are now moving towards it and they are more exposed; so, you can find more acceptance.

There is no rule that one should always understand art. It is art and you can just see it and get lost in it, she feels. “Yes, it is true that if it is a figurative, you get to see some shape, but not every art work needs to be like that,” she adds. Lakshmi says that one can always get lost in the colours and interpret the work “the way you want to”.

Balancing act

Being into many fields, she says she has learnt to manage everything. “When I am doing anything related to the gallery, I give all my time to it and it is the same with the other things,” she adds. Being a spiritual person, Lakshmi thinks it helps her stay calm and keep going.

Mother & daughter

“I’m lucky to have such a sweet daughter. With our busy schedules, we always try to give her time whenever she needs us,” she says. Lakshmi says that her daughter is a sweet kid and never troubles her. “She is into art and loves painting; so, she keeps herself engaged with it,” adds the proud mom who believes that people should just follow their passion. “One should always be ready to take that risk. Do what you really want to do. We have to live moment to moment. Be happy and enjoy life today,” she says as a parting shot.

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