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Cute short film of Preethi and Ajay, makes an interesting watch

When life gives you a second chance, it has to be used in the right way, before the opportunity is lost. This is what a recent short film titled Second Chance tries to convey. Released in the month of July, this short film has been viewed 1,78,978 times till now.

A cute love story between Preethi and Ajay, it is depicted through a beautiful narration. The two love birds, deeply in love with each other, decide to get married. Preethi asks Ajay to meet her dad as the latter promised her to offer him a job. But, Ajay doesn’t turn up at her dad’s office.

Annoyed with his act, Preethi asks him to find a job and marry her. She also informs Ajay that her parents are looking for other matches. An irritated Ajay starts shouting at Preethi and says that he has other plans. “I applied for a bank loan and waiting for it to be sanctioned. I want to put up a business. Don’t you trust me when I say I can set up a business?” he asks.
“I trust you,” says Preethi. This conversation on goes for a long time, and Ajay concludes it with a break-up.

Preethi flies to the US to pursue her Masters degree and after returning, she visits a popular restaurant and orders a drink. While giving the order, she notices that it’s Ajay who is taking her order. While Ajay is happy and surprised to see her, Preethi makes fun of what he is. “I never expected to see you like this. So, the loan wasn’t sanctioned. It would have been better if you met my father that day,” says Preethi.

Then, Ajay reveals that he owns the coffee shop and he has achieved what he wanted to. Shocked with his answer, Preethi realises her mistake. Now, will the lovers unite after these minor misunderstandings and will life give them a second chance is for you to find out.


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